We design thoughtful, livable spaces

Blending design philosophies and craftsmanship in our solutions

Distinctive design aesthetic, clever use of material details in design context

About Us

Jettaliving was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2005. Formerly known as jai|dexign. Our projects were small domestic commissions, office renovation, and commercials. In 2007, Jettaliving started to work on projects in Jakarta,    Indonesia and moved its headquarter to Jakarta the following year.

Over the past few years, Jettaliving has grown into an established business venture, and listed as PT. Jettaliving Indonesia. We provide services in architecture, residential & office interior design, cabinetry, wood and metal craftsmanship

Our Services


From Melbourne to Jakarta, we’ve designed comfortable and liveable homes for families, blending not just design philosophies and craftsmanship but also warmth inside our designed homes.


Where collaboration meets innovation, workspaces has always been the core of the company. Designing your dream office that meets the right criteria has always been our objective.


Creating a signature look for your business is not an easy job, but here in Jettaliving we believe in creating something that is truly unique to you and your business.

Our Studio

Architecture Studio

Jettaliving is committed to provide our clients with innovative design solution that resulted from research in study cases, analysis of problems and creative design approaches. Our strength is to transform this potential into reality.

Interior Design Studio

Combined with the latest design software and hardware, and an extensive in-house library for the most up to date finishes and fittings, Jettaliving’s design studio continues to deliver unique designs of a world class standard.


Our workshop is equipped with high standard machinery & tools, and everything that comes from our workshop are thoroughly pass the quality control procedures. Precision and durability are our key issues in every product.

Our Curated Works

Career Opportunity

Are you passionate in design & ready for a rewarding career with us?

We are constantly looking for talented individuals to join our team. We offer a variety of opportunities in the areas of interior design, architecture, product design, and landscape architecture, as well as in a various office support positions. This is why we are always open for internship opportunities. At our office we look for life-work balance as well as a series of benefits that we feel are crucial for our team members. Jettaliving believes in good education, and no better education than real world experience

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PT. Jettaliving Indonesia

Jettaliving is committed to provide our clients with innovative design solution that results from study analysis, deeply investigative problem solving process, and highly creative design approach. Our strength is transforming this potential to reality.

Address: Jl. Green Lake City Boulevard, Rukan Crown Blok G-01 – Tangerang 15147

Phone: +6221 54342081

Fax: +6221 5812039

Email: hrd@jettaliving.com

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