The concept of the interior design of the Showcase salon was originally developed from the art deco style. But over time, through various research and development from the studio design team and also through many discussions with the owner, we finally decided to display a modern art deco style, combining archway shapes with materials used in most modern designs today. The consistency of the combination of material, shape, and color palette produces a sustainable design from the interior to the salon Showcase architecture.

Showcase Salon

The main challenge for us is how to make a salon with a unique and different design, with a combination of design, material, color tone, and ambience that can provide a special feel & comfort experience for customers who come.

Showcase Salon

The color palette used is gray, charcoal, navy, and rose gold; gray displayed from concrete material, charcoal from iron and rose gold as an accent of stainless material with a touch of navy color in furniture finishing.

Showcase Salon Hair Styling Floor 2

Actually, the owner himself entrusts Jettaliving to fully develop the design of the Showcase. We are trusted to create the design of a salon with the latest concept; salon and juice bar, which is the first salon in Jakarta to feature healthy juice bar in it.

Showcase Salon Hair Styling Floor 2

We realized the owner’s dream to display the Showcase as a showcase of the salon facade design.

To raise the tagline ‘The most unique salon in Jakarta’, we focus on processing space and layout design. We try to bring a new walk through experience to customers. So it is with the concept of the bar itself which is already unique.

Showcase Salon Facade

Juice bar area is indeed our focus in the front area, together with the salon area. This juice bar functions as a catalyst that will provide a unique experience for customers who come because there is a combination of bar area and salon area. So that the atmosphere created is an atmosphere of relax & “ready to be pampered” visitors who come can do haircut or other services while accompanied by friends who come, sit at the bar stool while enjoying a glass of fresh juice … and engaged in their conversation.

Showcase Salon Eyelas & Waxing Room

The showcase has a capacity of 11 hair styling area slots outside the waxing and eyelash service; 5 on the ground floor and 6 on the first floor. For waxing and eye lash services, Showcase has a private room so that the privacy and comfort of the customer is well maintained. And one of the uniqueness of the services offered by Showcase is that customers are given the freedom to do nail art anywhere, whether in a more relaxed waiting room sofa or the bar area if the customer wants while enjoying the healthy juice served.

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