B’Steak Grill & Pancake : Bogor

B’Steak Grill & Pancake : Bogor

In B’Steak Bogor, our research and observation to the city birthed the concept of Tropical Nature in its core of design. Industrial architecture wed with tropical plants were put together to establish harmony and expose the building with nature, eliminating boundaries between indoor and outdoor area.

Built on a 1200m2 land, we only used up 30% of its overall space for the building in order to maximize its nature landscaping. Façade was made simple with mix of 3 materials. The use of raw concrete harmonizes B’Steak signature use of terracotta bricks in its building, added with iron framed glass windows to incorporate tropical accent from interior furniture, lighting, and decoration.

Iron and concrete that give off masculine vibe are paired to match colorful interior with warm ambiance through a dominant wood ceiling. Visitors are directed to easily view the backyard filled with tall trees to be able to dine in the middle of tropical nature.

The restaurant interior itself is divided into 4 areas: main dining, semi outdoor, outdoor, and 2nd floor dining. The main dining area is directly faced with the bar, dominated by raw wood, swing-vibed playful couches with patterned pillows and a mural painted wall on the back.

In the semi outdoor, dining area is exposed open only to be parted with short walls and plants. Furniture and decoration are made playful to keep the balance with steel panels on the ceilings.

The vertical garden on the outdoor, wooden dining table and warm lighting were created to induce a romantic mood in the area.

Seating on the 2nd floor were made to be more functional, but still applied without wall boundaries, insinuating the garden view below.

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