House in Taman Cipto

House in Taman Cipto, Cirebon

The project in Taman Cipto, Cirebon is a modern minimalist interior renovation with a strong sense of masculinity and boldness in the concept.

Master Bedroom View 1

Master Bedroom View 2

Master Bathroom

Mainly using a combination of wooden and iron plates in the design, we constructed a highly conceptual resident where a thorough treatment was made on the walls and ceilings, creating an all-rounded nuance in the house for an impressive ambiance.

Dining Area View 1

Secondary Kitchen

Dining Area View 2


Entering the guest area, the mood is still bright with a touch of sequence that delivers well to the dining, lounge, and pantry are which weds a luxurious mix of white, black, and dark brown.

Living Room

Guest Bedroom View 1

Guest Bedroom View 2

Guest Area

Guest Bathroom

We also created a personal dentist office with a clean and bright finish without neglecting the modern concept that we have been developing for the overall design.

Dentist Room

Not only that, the definitive image of relaxation in the living room. 2nd floor lounge, and also the home theater were all built to create the homey atmosphere where one can truly feel belong without having to go out anywhere to refresh but at home.


Home TheaterĀ 

Having two little daughters that are still in the most active phase where their imagination needs to be fulfilled for the best of their growth is no easy feat, but we managed to create mountains for them to conquer in the form of mini wall climbing.

Luxury meets functionality.

Kid’s Bedroom 1

Study Room View 1

Bathroom 1

Kid’s Bedroom 2

Study Room View 2

Bathroom 2

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