Windsor: Vivere Show Unit

The Windsor: Vivere Show Unit

In a momentous collaboration with Vivere Furniture, we were challenged to develop a home that holds stronger bond and emotional attachment than just a house. The concept of minimalistic luxury has always been the goal of the general society, keeping homey ambiance while not neglecting class to not just be classy, but to be true to the classic.


Master Bedroom

Kid’s Bedroom

The rooms are all comprised in all of Vivere’s furniture pieces, laid down functionally on each to signify a concept that harmonizes both elements. Modern furniture is mostly used as well as different use of material treatments in each room to display Vivere’s versatility to different concepts with similar furniture pricing.


We emphasize playing on light, both naturally and artificially, through reflective materials that elevates the game even further especially on different kind of surfaces.

Because luxury could always be found in novelty.


There were a lot of utilities in metal and stone application with glossy, reflective finish wed with the room’s lighting to display brightness. A homey kitchen and dining bar that is cozy enough to have a seat and quality talk is nothing but a complement to the simple living room that highlights class through simplicity.

Study Room

In the study room, we placed mirror walls and a mix of both natural and overhead lighting to increase productivity and ambiance of the whole room. Screaming inspiration without having to be too much, we paid attention to detail by putting the right decoration element to further personalize the room.

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