Sudirman Mansion

Sudirman Mansion

The residence in Sudirman Mansion is a project that maximized modern classic concept into motion. Having briefed to develop an overall bright ambiance with dominant white tone and wooden material combination, we put up a grandeur interior build with functionality in mind.



Use of gold and beige accent in the rooms gives off the vibe of luxury within cleanliness that does not get mistaken as an economic minimalist, but an intended touch of class. Additionally, a minor element of metal accentuates the classical feel of the rooms.

Living Room

The specialty of the place’s functionality is that being an apartment unit, productivity is assured in the study/work corner as well as efficiency that lie within the many unnoticeable storage compartments spread out within the apartment.

Study Room

Master Bedroom

Not only that, the living area is solely created for the ultimate enjoyment and leisure in a spacious vibe, applied in every room to enable ease and calmness inside the house.

Every little detail is applied with the utmost intention to establish a sequential design for a celestial finish.

Kid’s Bedroom 1

Kid’s Bedroom 2

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